About Us

I’m Andrew Averett and I have a simple mission…to help turn your business into what you dreamed it would become when you started out.

I’m a firm believer that your business should not just make you money, but it should support your ideal lifestyle.

Why work with me?  I started my career in as a CPA for a Big 4 accounting firm working with billion dollar companies.  I’ve also worked with startups, small businesses and spent 5 years working internationally.  I’m far from your typical CPA and believe that businesses should support your ideal lifestyle, not become your life.

While working internationally, I observed business owners consistently go to their accountants for advice, but typically only finding bookkeeping and tax advice.  Although it is great to reduce your tax bill, there were so many more questions that business owners had and weren’t sure where they could turn for answers.  So Upper Limit Consulting was created to be a powerful combination that combines the personal and business side to empower business owners to not just start a business, but create one that gives them both time and money.

When I’m not helping business owners transform their businesses, I can be found sharing my love of adventure and travel with my family, and have been lucky to have visited over 35 countries with my 5 children.

Happily married to the woman I met on a ski chairlift and proposed to on the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro, I know first hand that amazing things in life don’t just happen by chance.  I’m a huge advocate of deliberate living, and my main advice to business owners is to be crystal clear on why they are in business and what they intend to get from their business as well.